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Commercial Sanitation Initiative
  • Commercial Sanitation Initiative

  • Executive Staff

    Marcus Flakes, Founder and CEO of Commercial Sanitation Initiative (CSI) built the company structure around helping Veterans and improving economic development projects in multiple environments. Everything from home improvement, health and safety to cleaning; he’s developed programs that enhance industry standards. Mr. Flakes passion stemmed from his military career and studies in food sciences, public health and nonprofit management. Mr. Flakes‘ diverse background has helped CSI to become a company of excellence with real solutions to economic problems, yet building health initiatives as an intervention against public health and environmental risks. 

    Eric Strickland is the VP of Development and Managing Partner of CSI who contributes a wealth of knowledge from oil and gas to industrial environments. Mr. Strickland is a Veteran Employment Advocate and focuses on building a development corporation around the initiatives of the company. Mr. Strickland specialties are electrical engineering and occupational health and safety. 

    Mr. Flakes and Mr. Strickland have an interest in presenting America’s first discovery of new technology that relate directly to disease prevention, workplace health and saving one life at a time. 

    CSI continues to recruit Distributors in surrounding states that share common belief in the systems developed for community health. 


    SDVOB I MBE I SBE I HUB driving economic growth

    Our Initiatives service disabled veteran owned business


    To provide products and services as an intervention to public health risks and maintain superior and professional customer service to clients and stakeholders across America.

    Core Values

    We are a Veteran Owned Business, therefore; we consider Military and Veteran Perspectives as a foundation of our leadership model.  


    • Selfless Service 
    • Integrity
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Ethics
    • Purpose 

    Social and Environmental Initiatives

    We focus on the complexities of environmental health in the communities we serve. Our social influences are based on intervention practices, which are healh education, mitigating risks, strategic programs and the safety of our employees and customers. Our cleaning products and services aren’t just another alternative, it’s a solution to improving the social determinants of health, which provide health equity for all. Our cleaning initiatives are aimed at the largest points for use and applications; commercial, industrial and institutional environments.