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Commercial Sanitation Initiative
  • Commercial Sanitation Initiative
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    Commercial Sanitation Initiative

    A Commercial Cleaning Contractor and North American Distributor of Envirocleanse®  

    Leader of Organic Disinfectant Solutions

    A Brand for Health Equity

    Commercial Sanitation Initiative  specializes in the prevention of infectious disease and biotechnology  for household and industries that require the removal of bacteria, viruses, Mold and algae. We distribute America’s newest technology with multiple applications that help both households and businesses prevent the use of costly and hazardous chemicals. Our Envirocleanse product claims are expansive; EPA Registered, FDA Approved and ingredients USDA Approved. Our active ingredients are also recommended by the National Organic Standards Board.The Envirocleanse Anolyte product is 100 times stronger than bleach, yet safer to use, yielding the lowest toxicity level than any other chemical in America. We lead the way with practical health and wellness education with an innovative solution that set the global standards for cost effective and environmentally sustainable products. When you choose our product to disinfect and control the spread of bacteria, you can be sure that your household or business is not only choosing the world’s most  advanced medical technology, but also a comprehensive bacterial control solution. 

    Our Initiatives

    Medical and Healthcare

    Commercial Sanitation Initiative (CSI) offers medical grade products that is second to none. Hospitals can now  mitigate the most common risks of infectious disease, such as Nosocomial Infections and Hospital  Acquired Illness. We offer a simple one step cleaning and disinfecting process that is completely harmless to the patient and the the handler. CSI’s Initiative is Sanitation above and we've invested the time and public health scholarly research to mitigate allergy inducing elements in the healthcare industry.

    Offices and Facilities

    Our products and services address Offices, Schools and Facilities that require cleaning on a daily basis. Through the use of Envirocleanse A (Anolyte) Water and Envirocleanse C (Catholyte), these aqueous solutions have enabled us to establish effective cleaning programs in a multi-facted marketplace. While our goal is to ensure your workplace is clean and fresh, we also guarantee results against mold growth, such as remediation of mold and mold spores and algae removal.

    We invite K12 Schools, Colleges and Universities and a plethora of facilities to utilize our commodities that will ultimately prevent the spread of infectious disease with more economic use for the environment. 

    Food Service & Grocery Stores

    We pledge our products and services in the food industry, with understanding that it is one of the most vulnerable work environments affecting consumer food products. We distribute to the food industry with a cost effective strategy from plants to grocers and from farmers to restaurants. Our initiative is to ensure environments are sanitary for safe production and consumption. Not only are our products an asset to horticulture, but they meet the critical limits of food borne illnesses while maintaining compliance with public health regulations. Our ideal ology is to protect food personnel from harmful bacteria and viruses to reduce the spread of infectious as well as communicable disease. 

    Featured Products

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    Envirocleanse Differentiators

    Human immune system

    Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is in harmony with human white blood cells

    Envirocleanse A is salt and water run through a electrochemical activation process to produce Hypochlorous acid (HOCL). This acid is a naturally occurring acid produced in your body, used by white blood cells to kill bacteria in our blood stream.

    Anolyte the dinner table with organically cleaner produce

    Chefs, farmers, personal cooks and organic shoppers may now enjoy the benefits of effortlessly reducing the risk of food borne illnesses. Thanks to Envirocleanse and our specialized team of professionals, we have developed a top notch agricultural disinfectant program. Our product is USDA Approved as an effective disinfectant when diluted 1:9 with concentrated solution. We‘ve found this to be economically safe and cost efficient. Consult with us about these intangible life saving benefits. 

    More effective than household bleach and environmentally safer.

    Our new technology for cleaning and disinfecting products reassure the average retailers, consumer and commercial buyers of environmentally safe cleaning activities. Unlike other green cleaning products, Envirocleanse A offers properties that are guaranteed to kill 100% percent bacteria of all types On contact within 5 seconds. The traditional cleanimg methods, such as toxic bleach has been replaced with hypochlorous acid, which is completely biodegradable, nontoxic, nonflammable and harmelsss to humans and warm blooded animals. Our applications span multiple sectors and several industries, such healthcare, medical, food service, hospitality, office/retail and janitorial. EPA Registered and FDA Approved.

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    Understand the science behind Anolyte Water and its impact on public health in Households, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional environments. 

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    Commercial Sanitation Initiative

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